Ruby Stern's Portfolio

Graduate Project // Exposure

Exposure explores the relationship between the female form and the materials that adorn it. As fabric folds, gathers and manipulates over the figure, Exposure investigates the changing patterns that evolve with movement .

Capturing the intimate relationship between skin, body and materials using 35mm film photography, Ruby developed a collection of unusual and ethereal images inspiring her design for fabric.

Exposure is a S/S 19 textile collection of sensual, sophisticated fabrics designed for Womenswear garments that emulate and complement the female form. 

Using double exposures, the photographs have been layered photographs manually, creating new patterns, unexpected colour combinations and the illusion of moving image. The palette of soft pastels shades and warm skin tones is interrupted with dynamic colour contrast inspired by the unusual colours found in pre-coloured Lomography film.


Exposure demonstrates a varied range of textile techniques including screen and digital printing, devoré and fabric manipulation. Ruby developed a technique of screen printing with liquid latex to create unique prints that add both stretch and texture to the fabric.

The Collection

Translucent chiffon, devoré silk and fine mesh offer different levels of opacity exploring how fabric can conceal and reveal the body. Fabrics can be layered together to create moments of shifting colour, subtle pattern changes and gradients of texture.

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